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Hello, I'm Ana Lucia Novak, social media strategist, advisor and trainer on topics related to online marketing and social media platforms, tools, methodology.

Ana Lucia Novak's Bio:

Dubbed as a ?Social Media Architect?, Ana Lucia Novak is passionate about setting her clients up for success. �Her previous experience �working alongside affluent leaders, (the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley:�Oracle�,�SAP�,�Palm�,�Adobe�,Excite@Home�,�Electronic Arts�) and many hot start-ups provided an�invaluable experience in marketing, business development, human resources and operations which offers a unique depth of knowledge for social media marketers.
Ana Lucia Novak is the ?go-to technical? person when it comes to learning how social media platforms, channels and tools work in order to effectively implement social media marketing strategies.

Ana Lucia Novak consults, trains and advises clients (authors, speakers, coaches & consultants) across the U.S. and Canada about online marketing and social media strategy, day-to-day project managing and planning, program development, supporting their innovation and business development efforts. She provides social strategy, implementation services and consulting to expand their brand presence and increase customer connections through the power of social media.

She teaches them how to effectively communicate with their audience through social networks, introducing them options that compliment their Twitter, Facebook Pages and LinkedIn presence.� She is responsible for developing and implementing social marketing strategy, success metrics and driving alignment as well as governance and best practice sharing across their companies.

Her expertise lies in helping clients enter and own their social space and collaborating with new clients to introduce an internal social media process.

Ana Lucia Novak co-authored ?Making Your Connections Count? (Thrive Publishing, 2011) and hosts a�You can listen to the Archives at:Ana Lucia?s tenacity keeps her in front of the latest cutting-edge technology trends; she is technically savvy with MAC and PC platforms, many software applications and technological tools designed for efficiency to save time and money.

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Ana Lucia Novak's Interests & Activities:

marketing, social media, blog for marketing, yoga and walking,

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